To make sure that every person and every company has a fair chance to register its own domain, the launch of the domain registrations is organized via a Sunrise procedure.

Thanks to the Sunrise procedure every owner of a valid trademark registration has the exclusive opportunity to register their domain name within the defined period:

Registered Trademarks Sunrise

Monday November 1st 2010 - Monday January 31st 2011

Domains can only be claimed by trademark owners during this Sunrise. All applications will be reviewed by verification agent

Multiple egigible applications of the same name received during the Sunrise period will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

This sunrise phase will open and end at 10:00 am GMT. Applications can be submitted directly at the Operator or with great cost savings via Deloitte's IP Clearing House. More information about the Sunrise Process is published here.

Read the Sunrise policy

Go live

The Go Live will take place on July 4th at exactly 10:00 am CET. Once is Live, application requests can then be made by the general public without any restriction or priority rights, and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Some names have been reserved by the CO.NO Operator for two different reasons:
- Exclusion of registration for offensive or confusing names
- Reservation of generic names for future use. These names are indicated as 'Premium' in the whois database.


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