All parties involved in the registering of domain names need to follow certain rules. These are laid out in this Legal section that contains the general registration Terms and Conditions, the Sunrise policy, the Dispute Resolution and the Non Disclosure Agreement for registrars that plan to apply for CoDNS accreditation.

The applicable charter for every domain name registration.

Sunrise policy & Landrush
The domain extension will be launched with a so called 'Sunrise'. The Sunrise policy is the prevailing set of rules during this phase. More information about the Sunrise.

Registrars who are interested in becoming an accredited Registrar need to send a signed Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). In return the registrar will receive access to the protected area of this website with additional registrar information like pricing, the API etc.

Domain name disputes/ ADR
The CO.NO Operator offers an alternative procedure for solving disputes about domain names. It is called an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Policy. It is an alternative to a normal court procedure. The ADR is facilitated by a third party with extensive experience in this field.

Via the direct link in the left submenu you will find more information about the alternative dispute resolution.


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