Why .co.no

- Registration of a .co.no domain does not require local presence

- Co.no has a strong international appearance that your visitors will recognize and trust (for an overview of all international co.xx extensions, click here

- Registration is possible for both private individuals and companies without registration limitations (you can register as many .co.no domains as you need!)

- Because .co.no is new in Norway, the domain you really wanted may still be available

The CO.NO Operator

The operation of CO.NO is managed by CoDNS B.V. CoDNS has an exclusive co-operation agreement with Elineweb A.S. about the exploitation of the second level domain co.no and encourages the usage and the registration of .co.no domain names on a national and an international level via interesting Registrar packages and a dedicated Marketing program.

CO.NO & Norid
CO.NO is registered as a .NO domain name by Elineweb A.S. but the CO.NO Operator does not have any affiliation with the Norid Registry. (see FAQ) for more details)

About CoDNS

CoDNS B.V. is one of the largest Sub domain registries in the world and part of the ICANN-accredited EuroDNS Group. 

CoDNS' head quarters is established in Amsterdam with local representation in Luxembourg, Poland, France, Korea and the United States. Registrars & Domain name holders can be spoken to in their local Norwegian language, as well as in English, Spanish, French and German.

About Elineweb
Elineweb AS is a Norwegian limited company established in May 2000. Among other things its business includes web services such as domain registration. Elineweb AS, the only and rightful owner of the domain co.no has entered into an exclusive business agreement with CoDNS B.V. for the development of this domain. 



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