Sunrise Process

During the Sunrise period applications can be submitted to the Operator in two ways:

1. Standard: Applications must be submitted at the operator with valid Trademark data. All applications will be subject to a validation by the IP Clearing House (Deloitte). Applications can be submitted via an accredited CoDNS registrar only.
2. By making use of the IP Clearing House. In this case applications are submitted at the operator with valid Trademark data + an IP Clearing House (CHIP) verification code. No new TM validation will have to take place in this case, which saves considerable costs. Applications can only be submitted via accredited CoDNS registrars.

About the IP Clearing House (‘CHIP’)
CHIP is a centralized repository of trademark claims in relation to domain names that can be used by the corresponding brand owners in order to safeguard their brands in the context of TLD launches. CHIP is designed, implemented and operated by professionals from Deloitte Lage who have assisted in the past  the .EU, .MOBI, .ASIA, .ME, and .CO registries in launching their domain name extensions.

The big advantage of using CHIP is for trademarks that are already validated in the context of the .CO Sunrise process, AND already included in CHIP: in that case the corresponding registrar is entitled to re-use this validation in the context of the .CO.NO launch for a small processing fee. It is the expectation that (new) validations in the system can all be used for future run Launches via CHIP for a lower Sunrise fee as well!

More information on who can use the IP Clearinghouse, and how to use it can be found at:


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