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Worldwide almost 20% of all registered country code domains have the recognizable .co.xx extension. Think of .co.uk of the United Kingdom, .co.kr of Korea and .co.nz of New Zealand: all internationally appealing domain extensions that residents unconsciously use when they are looking for information.

45 countries are actively promoting their .co.xx extension as the internationally accepted domain extension. And now you too are able to internationally promote your presence in Norway using a .co.no domain.  

Important dates

November 1st 2010, CoDNS B.V. launched its .co.no services with a phased procedure also known as a Sunrise. That procedure gave Trademark owners the exclusive opportunity to register their .co.no domains with priority before anyone else could.

On July 4th 2012 CO.NO went Live at exactly 10:00 am CEST with a general Launch. As per that moment, everyone is able to register their .co.no domains on a first come first served basis.

Register your name

You can register your own .co.no sub-domains at the registrars that are accredited by CoDNS B.V. A list of all accredited registrars can be viewed here. Would you like to become a registrar? Click here

CO.NO and Norid

On June 28th 2012 the South-Trøndelag District Court in Trondheim ruled that the CO.NO initiative, founded by Elineweb AS, its registrant, and CoDNS, its Operator, complies with the .NO registration Policy. The complete Courts decision can be downloaded here.



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